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Queen Mary

1964 2003
12449 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

also listed as King's Alley, King's Den, King's Lounge

“The Queen Mary was a show bar featuring drag performers. They wore feather boas and sequined gowns, vamping for the audience  and lip-syncing musical hits,. The club organizers employed the clever device of a sheer black curtain between the audience and the performers – a kind of in-person soft focus filter helping the illusionists who were channeling Liza Minelli, Mae West, Diana Ross, and others to create a more successful recreation. The bar had a separate entrance called the King’s Lounge for people reluctant to enter a bar with the Queen Mary name.” (Adkins, Richard 2021)

Gay Guide '71: (S) *; Barfly West '73: [King's Alley] L, [Queen Mary] C. E. F. L. M. *; Bob Damron: (M) (S) (Liquor) * (King's Den in rear)

Attr — Gay Guide '71; Barfly West '73; Bob Damron '66-83; Richard Adkins / Hollywood Heritage