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1978 1999
836 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Bob Damron '81-82: (P) (Members only) (Disco) (D) (YC) (WE - only *); Bob Damron '83-84: (P) (Macho) (Disco) (D) (WE*)

PROBE, due to its limited capacity (under 500), remained somewhat exclusive for its entire existence from 1978 to 1999. Was used as a location in 1980 film American Gigolo. The police and state bureaucracy, (particularly through Alcoholic Beverage Control) once tried to get a copy of the membership list, but it was successfully legally defended as private property.

"Former Hollywood haunt the Probe began as a private club for gay men and, like a lot of other LGBT venues, became a home for all sorts of alternative-minded young people. By the 1990s, the Highland Avenue spot hosted flashback party Club 1970 and live band night Club With No Name. But for a lot of ’90s youth, the Probe will be best remembered as home to the trifecta of spooky kid parties with industrial club Kontrol Faktory, now-legendary goth hangout Helter Skelter and dark-alternative dance night Stigmata. The space was bare-bones but inviting. At Helter Skelter, you could look over the balcony and see the crowd dance like Haunted Mansion ghosts to the waltz-y songs. At Stigmata, you could take a break from dancing to “Sex Dwarf” and “Tesla Girls” in the spacious bar area. By 1999, though, the Probe was no more. It was sold and rechristened the Playroom, then later A.D. Now, the space is an antiques showroom." LA Weekly

Attr — Bob Damron '80-84