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One Way

1977 1993
612 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Bob Damron '80: (SM) (W) (PT) (Cruisy) (Wild back patio); Bob Damron '81-82: (Cruisy) (Some SM, W, FFA, etc) *; Bob Damron '84: * (Some SM, FFA) (DJ but no D) (Cruisy)

Home to "the-o-ret-i-cal" parties. In the center of this underground scene at the time, bands included WildKingdom, Nervous Gender, Party Boys, Fat and Fucked Up, Christian Death, Age of Consent and Red Wedding.

Raided by LAPD for overcrowding in November 1987. Patrons and community leaders suggested the bar was raided because of its "edgy" LGBTQ crowd.

Attr — Bob Damron '77-83, LA Times 25 November 1987