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1982 1988
2801 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Also known as "Men's Action Center"

"MAC’s in Silver Lake was far from an ordinary bathhouse. It took initiative in the fight for gay rights. Instead of only serving as a place of sanctuary, this institution provided self-defense courses that met the needs of gay men.   

MAC’s was a private club for gay men that sat inside a 16,000 square foot warehouse complex. Special events were held there, and patrons had access to complete bath facilities. The features included an indoor/outdoor lounge, food, and beverage canteen, a TV room, a college-style locker room, a steam room, public and private showers, private rooms, community areas, a movie theater, specialty rooms, and a jacuzzi. As for the special events, MAC’s had a large party/ dance space with an adjoining lounge, private restrooms, storage rooms, and a multi-purpose loading dock area. Members were able to enjoy the dances thrown as well as these special events." - ONE Archives

"The private rooms at Mac’s Bathhouse in Silver Lake are a hot ticket on Saturday nights. Well-dressed men with gym bags start arriving at the labyrinth-like club before sunset, and by early evening a “No Vacancy” sign dangles beneath a stern AIDS warning posted on the cashier’s window, signaling that the 50 personal cubicles are taken.

Those who come later are forced to accept semi-private accommodations. As they trade their street clothes for towels and settle into bunk beds, steam rooms and each other’s arms, a gay pornographic movie plays silently on a television and an empty Jacuzzi burbles near the rounded walkway known as the tunnel of love." - L.A. Times

Once considered the "Cadillac of bathhouses," Mac's was ordered to close in 1988 in a new enforcement of stringent regulations restricting sexual activity at gay bathhouses.

Attr — Bob Damron '82-83, 26 Jan 1988 LA Times; 10 May 1988 LA Times