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1974 1997
4100 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Damron '80: (Some W, SM) (PT) (Liquor) (Cruisy) & leather, Levi, and Western cruise bar for men; Damron '82: * (C&W) (DJ & live bands) (Cruisy)

"My favorite tavern was the Detour, the easier pickup place right now…Boots in pairs are suspended by their laces from the slats over the bar. In one corner hangs a glass ball in which the silhouette of a stagecoach slowly revolves. In the very back is a pool table. There is no room for playing a game since shirtless, sweating men, standing four deep, are boogying in place and sniffing poppers to the disco music." - Edmund White “States of Desire"

Sometimes listed as 1087 Manzanita

Attr — 25 Dec 1974 Contact; Bob Damron '75-83