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S. S. Friendship

1938 2005
112 W Channel Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402

Also listed as The Friendship.

A gay bar in the Pacific Palisades fictionalized as the "Starboard Side" in Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel A Single Man.

An excerpt:
“You pushed aside the blackout curtain and elbowed your way through a jam-packed bar crowd, scarcely able to breathe or see for smoke. Here, in the complete privacy of the din and the crowd, you and your pickup yelled preliminary sex advances at each other. You could flirt, but you couldn’t fight; there wasn’t even room to smack someone’s face. For that, you had to step outside. Oh the bloody battles and the sidewalk vomiting. The punches flying wide, the heads crashing backwards against the fenders of parked cars. Huge diesel-dykes slugging it out, far grimmer than the men…hitch-hiking servicemen delayed at this corner for hours, nights, days; proceeding at last on their journey with black eyes, crab-lice, clap, and only the dimmest memory of their hostess or host.”

D. E. L. Y.

Attr — Gay Guide '71; Barfly West '73