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Coral Sands Hollywood Motel

1977 2006
1730 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Bob Damron '80: (Cruisy) (H) (Sauna, pool, etc.) All male gay motel, hot tub & sauna, 24 hour heated pool, nude bathing, well-equipped gym, sun deck, BBQ area, free refreshments on Wednesdays 6:30-8pm.

Bob Damron '81: (Cruisy) (H) (Sauna, pool, etc.) *; Bob Damron '82: (H) (Sauna, pool, etc.) *; Bob Damron '84: * (H) (Sauna) (pool) (Cruisy)

Site of Outfest's 2001 Platinum Oasis, an 18-hour interactive art installation curated by Ron Athey and Dr. Vaginal Davis, featuring torch singers, electroshock video games, manicures, Bruce la Bruce photo shoots, and baptisms.

"Upstairs" rooms were for cruising. Still open but no longer for cruising, etc.

Attr — Bob Damron '80-84; "Outrageous Oasis," The Advocate 23 Jul 2002